About Açaí Brazuka

Over 15 years in Praia Grande, on the South Coast of São Paulo, Açaí Brazuka produces more than 3 tons of AÇAÍ  a day, bringing quality, health and joy to our customers. We have an excellent team of trained and prepared employees to deliver to you the best AÇAÍ on the market. We also have new and modern equipment, to assure agility in all processes of manufacturing and delivering.

We have strict hygiene standard with our products. Equipment and employees are always within all the necessary parameters, in addition to doing laboratory tests frequently to always deliver a product of great quality, ensuring confidence and lots of flavor to you, your family and customers.

We only use the best brands of inputs and raw materials avaiable on the market, in order to delivery high quality products to our customers. This is confirmed by laboratorial analysis.

With personalized service, we have several AÇAÍ recipes to please all tastes, and we also make unique recipes, looking to meet our customers needs. Also, service is provided directly to assure greater trust and credibility.

Our product line is diverse. We produce AÇAÍ BRAZUKA from fruit pulp. Together, with a food engineer, we create diferente recipes for AÇAÍ cream, bringing different levels of pulp concentration, to suit everyone’s needs and taste.

What distinguish our products is the concentration of AÇAÍ in the recipe of eache on of them